Columbus NC

Columbus NC

Heading North from South Carolina and into the Smoky Mountains, the little town of Columbus, NC is the first place you see. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, this small town has some Historic Buildings right downtown.

The Courthouse, completed in 1857, has been beautifully restored and is in use today. The Board of Education Office was one of the first schools in the area. Festivals are held throughout the year in the parks around these two buildings.

There are many wonderful little finds in the small communities around Hendersonville NC. Columbus is one of those. With a small population of just above 1200, they are doing a good job of keeping it small and intimate.

Downtown consists of several historic buildings, places for a great lunch or dinner, and some specialty shops. You can read about Columbus stats inĀ City-Data.

You can check thisĀ calendar of events for activities in the area. You can view all homes for sale in Columbus, NC. See a gallery of images below.